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Stylez Offers Convenient Enquiry to Multiple Singapore Interior Designers

Singapore - August 5, 2009 - Stylez Pte Ltd, a trusted Singapore information partner, has taken the concept of “convenience” a step further with their one-stop online portal for homeowners’ home design and renovation needs. On the 5th of August, 2009, Stylez launched iCompare Home that allows users to simultaneously send enquiries to multiple Singapore interior design companies in three easy steps: (1) Key in your renovation details such as your house type, area, target completion date and budget; (2) Key in your personal information for our reference; and (3) Submit your enquiry.

Users only have to encode their renovation details and personal information once and it will be sent to Singapore’s top interior design companies - thus, saving them the hassle of sending numerous e-mails to several interior design companies.

The more discriminating can compare and choose from among iCompare Home’s top, meticulously-selected roster of professional interior design forms. Each of the interior design forms showcases unique home designs that match a wide spectrum of personalities. Their pages contain valuable information about them, including their design portfolios, awards and accreditation.


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