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Singapore Comparison Site Cuts Time for Finding the Right Private Investigator for Your Needs

Singapore - November 27, 2009 - For those who want to find out if their spouses are indeed cheating but do not know what to do, a trusted Singapore website development firm has just given you an answer. On November 27, 2009, Stylez Pte Ltd developed iCompare Life-Private Investigator ( This new site offers information on 5 of Singapore’s most reputable private investigators: SG Investigators, Centurion Investigation & Security Services, DP Quest Investigation Consultancy, Tanglin Investigations & Protections and Integrity Investigation Services.

iCompare Life-Private Investigation also provides supplemental information on child custody, grounds for divorce and investigation facts. With this tool, searching for the right private investigators, comparing their company details and choosing the private investigator that best suits your needs is made easy and convenient by simply following 8 easy steps:
  • Get Informed - Browse through the selected Private Investigators featured on this website and get relevant information about their qualifications and services.
  • Send Enquiry - Submit your enquiry and it will simultaneously be sent to multiple private investigators. Your enquiry will be handled with utmost confidentiality.
  • Confirm Service - Confirm on the private investigator company which you think is the most credible and best qualified to handle your requirements.
  • Discuss - Discuss with your selected private investigation company to comprehensively air out your concerns and agree on a price.
  • Sign Contract - Deposit is normally required upon contract signing. Before signing the contract with your chosen private investigator, check every detail, and understand their T&C carefully.
  • Provide Requirements - Provide the essential requirements that are needed for the private investigator to proceed with their investigative work.
  • Investigation Phase - The private investigator will begin the investigation procedure. This includes documenting events and collecting evidences, if any.
  • Report Findings - The private investigator will provide you with a report of their findings to validate or refute your initial theories.


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